Maybe your New Year’s resolution was to lose 20 pounds. Or maybe it was to gain 20 pounds, but all in muscle. Or maybe it was to Skype your parents more or stop partying so much on the weekends.

Unfortunately, I’m probably not the best person to ask how all of those steel-and-titanium machines at FitRec work (I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been there), but if your New Year’s resolution was to volunteer and give back to the community, then read on!

Being that BU Central is a music and entertainment venue, I thought it was only appropriate to compile a list of music-related volunteer opportunities for this post. They’re all located throughout the greater Boston area, and are equally great ways to use your love of music to do some good.

1. Making Music

Making Music, one of a myriad of volunteer programs run by Boston University’s Community Service Center (CSC), recruits individuals from all over campus to teach music to children in grades three through five. 

Created in 1994, Making Music provides instruction not only for traditionally-taught instruments—such as violin and piano—but has also expanded to include guitar lessons, dance lessons, and a children’s choir.

Volunteers are expected to spend 2-3 hours a week teaching music lessons, and should have some experience in the area that they plan on providing instruction. However, teaching experience is not required.

To become a Making Music volunteer, you may either fill out the Spring 2013 volunteer application here, or contact Program Manager Rosie Bauder at

2. Boston Symphony Orchestra

Boston Symphony Orchestra volunteers are invited to help out in a variety of duties, including leading Symphony Hall or Tanglewood tours, helping out at the gift shop, or assisting children while at youth concerts or the BSO’s instrument playground.

While the BSO does ask that you make a donation of $75 in order to volunteer, they also encourage you to contact the volunteer office if you are unable to contribute due to financial hardship. Volunteers are asked to work a minimum of 20 hours annually.

To contact to volunteer office, you may send an email to with your contact information and volunteer interests

3. The Boston New Music Initiative

The Boston New Music Initiative aims to unite performers, composers, conductors and directors in order to produce new concerts, compositions, collaborations, and commissions.

The Boston New Music Initiative welcomes new volunteers to assist staff in projects, provide support, and to help out at events. To find out more about the Boston New Music Initiative’s more informal volunteer opportunities, interested applicants are encouraged to email with a brief introduction.

4.  Girls Rock Boston

Girls Rock Campaign Boston is a non-profit organization that aims to foster confidence, self-expression, and collaboration through music education and performance.

Girls Rock Boston is currently seeking volunteers for Sessions 1 and 2 of their Ladies Rock Camp (LRC). LRC vounteer positions include instructors, support crew, and workshop leaders. However, Girls Rock Boston does request that only individuals who are female identified apply as volunteers.

For more information, check out their volunteer page here. For information on year-round volunteer opportunities, click here.

5. Longwood Symphony Orchestra

What makes Longwood Symphony Orchestra so cool is that it is an orchestra composed (pun intended) almost entirely of medical professionals from the Longwood area hospitals. With their performances, they are able to support health-related non-profit organizations.

Most of the LSO’s programs and events are run by volunteers so that most of the money raised by their performances may go back to the Boston community. Volunteers are welcome in all areas—including office support, ticketing, set-up for rehearsal, social media marketing, and more.

To learn more about volunteering with the Longwood Symphony Orchestra, feel free to contact them at or 617-667-1527.

6. World Music/CRASHarts

World Music/CRASHarts aims to bring global music and dance performances to as wide an audience as possible in the Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville areas.

World Music/CRASHarts calls volunteers into the office to assist in envelope-stuffing for member mailings, outreach packets, and labeling postcards. The organization also has a Street Team, where participants spread the word about upcoming performances via posters, word of mouth, social media, and postcards.

Both volunteers and Street Team members receive hourly credit towards free admission at future shows. To learn more about either of these positions, contact

7. Passim

Passim—also known as Club Passim to those that frequent its live shows—houses a music school, performance venue, and incredible artist grant and outreach programs.

Passim is a non-profit, and aims to bring all types of artists—local, national, and international—to its stage.

To volunteer with Passim, contact Abbey at with the subject “Volunteer Opportunities at Passim.”


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