Dude, I did it.

I succeeded in completing a personal goal for the third year in a row. I’m pumped, and you should be too.  Because my goal was to release music (duh) and I know the BU Central community would be down for me to share it.



Easy Elliot’s new album ACETONE

When I’m not bashing drum-kit behind Milk or belting boy band jams with the Dear Abbeys, I lock myself in my room and write music. Then, I plug-in the axe and record the whole mess. Following that, I spend lovely months meticulously mixing.  The whole thing – it’s a sideproject of mine I like to call Easy Elliot, and the third album I just released is called ACETONE. It can be listened to on BandCamp. Or ‘liked’ on Facebook.

Why the name? Well, my dad walked in the room while I was mixing the last song, called “Poets”, with a cotton ball doused in acetone (nail polish remover). Being as odd as he is, he then proceeded to light it on fire.  Its flame was a beautiful blue. After a minute of glowing and sparking, he blew out the fire and the cotton ball remained un-singed. Amazing: such a strong chemical that can strip almost any material from its host, yet when it burns so beautifully it leaves the host unscathed. I was mesmerized.  I hope that this album tickles your ears the way the blue flame of acetone tickled my eyes. And wipes your slate clean.

– Jesse

Like Easy Elliot on Facebook

Listen to Easy Elliot on Bandcamp


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