I noticed this kid carrying a guitar case into his room as he moved in to my left. Damn, I thought, there go my chances of being the single swoon-worthy serenader of sixteen-A, Warren Towers. His dad followed behind him, lugging an amp that pushed more watts than mine for sure. And once I heard him plug in and shred for the first time later that hot, stuffy week of late summer 2009, I knew this kid was a helluva player.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. And that’s exactly what I did.

Basement 1:27

first allston basement show, as a duo

It’s been a while since freshman year, and the band that Matt and I formed has taken off. We’ve played all around Boston at this point — made friends and fans and funds alike. And now that it’s time to graduate and take this ‘life’ thing seriously, what better thing to tell your grandparents than I’M GONNA BE A ROCKSTAR, GRANDMA, RELAX.

In all seriousness, the guys that make up the band are killer musicians and my best friends. Matt sings and guitars, Luke slaps bass, I drum and Sam plays with keys. We share a creative passion for entertaining. Our band practices are hangouts at which at least one of us is cooking up something fattening on the stove, and I’m always totally sober. Heck, it’s so easy to entertain each other that it doesn’t take much to move the whole operation on stage and get the crowd going.

Milk @ Middle East

Milk @ Middle East

That’s why it’s time to make something of Milk. We’ve been a band for around a year now, have one EP done and another in the works and boast three hit Youtube music videos under our belt. Mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, sister, fish — we wanna be rock stars. Actually.

Let’s get this show on the road.

This spring, we’re going on tour. By the time the square hats hit the ground again, we’ll be halfway to Maine in Matt’s Nissan Pathfinder, hauling our amps in a rental trailer. After we play Portland (Maine, not Oregon, dude. We’re funding this thing ourselves), it’s on to Burlington, VT then south from there, all the way to Philadelphia. But we need your help.

To read more about the tour and kick in a few gas dollars for your favorite dairy farmers, if you’re so inclined, click THIS KICKSTARTER LINK and SEND MILK ON TOUR, for crying out loud!


ready to rumble

Be sure to listen to our music, watch our videos, and follow us on TUMBLR and TWITTER because we’ll be documenting our post-graduate shenanigans from now until forever to come.

Thanks a million, y’all.
– jg


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