I’m not one for sappy posts (who am I kidding? I’m the queen of nostalgia), but here are a few of my fondest memories over the past year that I’ve had the privilege to work at BU Central:

  • Meeting Cults
  • Working the Das Racist show (not necessarily the fondest, but it definitely the most exciting)
  • Having people compliment my chalkboarding skills
  • Making popcorn for dinner when I forgot to bring food
  • Making 10 batches of popcorn consecutively for the first 2012 presidential debate
  • Hearing that one guy play jazz/flapper music/IDK what the name of that genre is on the piano on Fridays (I don’t know your name, but please play piano here more often)
  • Feeling like a boss when I finally mastered the soundboard
  • Watching Dave Coulier (aka Uncle Joey) host The Dating Game Show
  • Seeing my favorite facilities worker every Sunday night
  • Last but not least, listening to the high school kids talk about their relationship issues (you are all comedians in the making)

Now I’m heading off into the real world as a Boston University graduate. I’ll miss you dearly, BU Central. Stay cool underground.

Love you lots,




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