A Vampire Weekend, Indeed
October 7, 2013

A Vampire Weekend, Indeed

A sea of sweaty bodies surrounds me as I wait patiently for Vampire Weekend to make their entrance onto the blue stage at Boston Calling. The law school student behind me claims this will be the best show in the history of music. The slow buzz created by the crowd turns into yelps of joy as the band finally appears on stage. They immediately launch into “Diane Young,” the single off their new album Modern Vampires of the City.

That song definitely set the mood for the rest of their set. I spent most songs busting out embarrassing dance moves and mouthing as many words as I could remember. Many of their songs were molded together, creating funky beats for their transitions. Two songs in particular that sounded like they were meant to be fused were “Campus” and “Oxford Comma”. I barely even realized the switch until Ezra Koenig sang the line “who gives a f*** about an Oxford comma?”

This was my second time seeing them in the past month. The first was at Outsidelands, a music festival held in San Francisco. Back then, I only knew of their song “Cousins” and was dragged to go see their set. I had only planned on giving this hipster-looking band fifteen minutes of my time but ended up staying for their entire hour-and-a half set. Vampire Weekend brings new blood to the indie music world. Their songs contain catchy lyrics that spawn from being meaningful to downright strange. Their lyrics are woven into a range of rhythms and beats that are appropriate for both going hardcore at the gym and for falling asleep on a restless night.

This time around I knew the lyrics to almost every song and when they closed the night off with “Walcott,” I had no shame in going all out with my own personal performance. Despite almost being crushed by a unicorn-adorned crowd surfer, this was one of the best live musical performances I have experienced. Vampire Weekend does not disappoint. If you’re skeptical about this “pretty boy” band, be sure to check out the following songs: “Horchata,” “Walcott,” “A-Punk,” and “Oxford Comma.” You never know how much hipsters can surprise you.


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