Local Natives, will you marry me?

Boston Calling, located in the valley of government center, awoke its residents this past Saturday to awesome music and an invasion of floral head wraps and Clubmaster Ray Bans.

The first day of the music festival had indie, punk, alternative, and folk music of all variations resonating off City Hall, but I had my ears set solely on Local Natives. Securing my spot a few rows from the Blue Stage, I put on my toughest concert face and let my pointy elbows do their work.

As the time for the band’s appearance approached, open spaces thinned and the crowd began to buzz. The first to appear on stage, however, was Mayor Menino. He graciously thanked the crowd and, in the spirit of celebrating Boston Calling, formally announced Local Natives.

2010 Sasquatch Music Festival

The facial haired gods finally took to the stage and immediately I felt like I was back in middle school fawning over the newest boy band. Lead vocalists Taylor Rice and Kelcey Ayer gushed over Menino’s introduction and excitedly dedicated their set to him. Equally calling from both their albums, Hummingbird and Gorilla Manor, they commanded the stage with their opening song, “World News.”

Their three-part harmonies created a simplistic and dreamy sound that juxtaposed the complexity and profoundness of their lyrics. The unrestrained movement between lively choruses and soft verses produced a breathtaking show. Local Natives’ cover of Talking Heads’ “Warning Sign” stirred the audience as well as showed off their mesmerizing harmonies.

As the set came to its end, they played “Who Knows Who Cares,” my personal favorite, as tribute to their once smaller audiences at TT the Bear’s Place in Cambridge.

Members from the crowd began to scream for “Sun Hands” from their debut album, Gorilla Manor. The thumping drum got the audience clapping and soon every hand was reaching high. The lights from the stage dramatically lit up as every band member energetically played and leaped about.

To the extremely tall man and girl whose hair I kept finding myself tangled in, I apologize for my loud screaming and singing. I tried not to sing so loudly, or so terribly, but Local Natives’ sound and their abilities to grow superb facial hair has officially won over my sanity.


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