Hold On, We're Hitting Repeat

With the stress of midterms weighing on my anxious, what-the-hell-should-I-be-expecting, freshman brain, there is literally one song that has aided me through the two-week affair.  Seriously, you can ask my poor roommate, who has been forced to listen to this single tune on repeat since the moment I discovered it.  Unfortunately for her, I’m not quite sick of it yet.

Over the summer, Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” was nearly obnoxiously regurgitated on mainstream radio, so I didn’t think I’d have any particular reason to listen to the song in my own personal music down time.  Holy cow did I underestimate the power of duo ASTR’s cover.

The composition, mainly thanks to half of the pairing, Adam, is largely stripped down to a hollow percussion, but it simultaneously brims with glimmering underlying synths.  Hailing from New York City, vocalist Zoe delivers a gorgeously sultry and warmly coy performance that could truthfully melt the hardest of hearts into a sticky, red puddle of pulsing vulnerability.  Sorry to evoke semi-unfavorable imagery, but yeah, it’s that good.

I’ll just shut up now and let you listen – but be sure to check out their SoundCloud if you find yourself with some spare moments!  These guys are worth a spin (or several).


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