Introducing... Nick Santino & The Northern Wind

Introducing... Nick Santino & The Northern WindBack in the day, there was a band named A Rocket to The Moon and unfortunately they just recently broke up in late August. I was a big fan of their boy band indie sound. Their songs are great for getting ready for a night out and for brooding after a heartbreak. Though they won’t be coming out with anymore music, their lead singer, Nick Santino, has come out with an EP called Going Home featuring his new band, The Northern Wind.

The EP has four songs on it: “Miss Virginia”, “Never Coming Back”, “It’s Alright”, and “Sold My Soul”. Ever since I’ve gotten my hands on Going Home, I haven’t be able to stop replaying the tracks. It’s easy listening for studying for midterms, falling asleep to, or just chilling out. For now I’ll be putting this EP on replay until his next one, titled The Ones You Meet Along the Way: A Collection of Stories from the Road, is released on October 22nd.


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