Artists to Watch: Majid Jordan

If you’re an avid Drake fan or if you’ve listened to any Top-40 radio station this past month, you’ve probably heard “Hold On, We’re Coming Home,” his latest single off Nothing Was The Same.  The song predominantly consists of “singing Drake,” but after the first verse, the track is laced with some smooth background vocals thanks to Majid Jordan.

Now when this song was released in early August, I had no clue who Majid Jordan was. I googled the name and the first article that popped up was headlined “Newest OVO Sound Signee Majid Jordan.” Oh really? Drake can sing/rap his way to the top of the Billboard charts, but can his OVO label handle up-and-coming artists?

After some light research, I discovered that Majid Jordan was actually a Canadian duo made up of Majid Al Maskati (vocals) and Jordan Ullman (production). I also found their re-released EP from 2012 called After Hours which blew me away. The EP is a modern twist on 1980s synthpop, disco, and a splash of R&B that blends for a listening experience perfect for lounging with your crew. Some personal favorites from After Hours are “Take Control,” “Patience,” and “Chill Pad Deluxe,” but I’ll let you be the judge.

Check out Majid Jordan’s full EP After Hours by clicking here and trust me, it won’t disappoint.


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