Artists to Watch: Twenty One Pilots

My friend highly recommended this crazy duo after they opened for Fall Out Boy back in September. I didn’t get to listen to them until now, but wow. Wow. What have I been missing?  Twenty One Pilots is the real deal. They sound like a mix of Passion Pit, Train, Vampire Weekend, and Eminem. I know that sounds like a very strange combination, but they show their talents by dabbling into multiple genres of music and make it work.

What you absolutely need to check out is their newest album, Vessels, that was released earlier this year. It’s a mix of rap, rock, electronic, and alternative. Vessels seems to have a song for everyone. “Trees”, “Truce”, and “House of Gold” are the lighthearted songs. On the other spectrum, “Car Radio”, “Ode to Sleep” and “Holding On To You” are their more contemporary rap songs.

Taking my favorites from each spectrum of the album, I’d have to say that the ones to look out for are “House of Gold” and “Ode to Sleep” because I think their lyrics are relatable. Seriously, guys, you have to check this album out. I’ve been listening to it nonstop for the entire day that it’s been in my possession. It’s great walking, chilling, and studying music. You will definitely see me at their show when they come to Boston in December.


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