Blast From The (Not-So-Distant) Past: Jet

Let’s bring it back to our angst-ridden middle school years. Black hoodies, drawn-on Converse, a series of repetitive anti-Mom expressions (sorry, Mom) and Jet. Lots and lots of Jet.

These Australian rockers made me feel like the coolest chick in town. Despite the time of my regrettable bangs and unfortunate braces, Jet‘s alternative rock was, and still is, the perfect band to dance around to.

Ten years since Get Born‘s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl,” Jet still has a relevant and ready-to-go sound.

Following Shaka Rock, the band broke up and ended their announcement with “Thank you, and goodnight.” Ignore my endless stream of TEARS, guys. It’s fine.

In Memoriam, Jet 


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  1. Whaa? These guys have songs other than “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”? Who knew…


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