"Cavalier" Foretells Some Serious Soul Magic

Before you read anything below, it is imperative that you click the large orange play button on the song featured below.

If you have not yet feasted upon James Vincent McMorrow’s newest single off of his upcoming album Post Tropical, you might have been drowning in midterms or maybe getting over a fall flu or maybe a combination of the two. Fear not loves, restoration is here in the form of perfect falsetto, tantalizing textures, soulful synth brass, and enchanting electronic beats.  The tune is called “Cavalier” and it’s a pretty fitting title for a song from such a gallant man. 

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard anything from Sir James and his first release Early In The Morning, but he is back and inspired by more soulful R&B sounds. His reasoning is simply, “I wanted to give this record the feel and movement of the R&B records that I love,” and the result couldn’t be more exciting: an Irish accented, R&B motivated, folk/electronic feel.  His sophomore creation Post Tropical is set for release in January of 2014, and it will not be a record to miss. In the meantime, enjoy this lovely single foretelling some serious magic.

Fun Fact: This bad boy has definitely been on repeat since its release last week, and fortunately James and his soothing voice have gained all of my housemates approval. So pour yourself a nice cup of tea and give “Cavalier” another listen or twenty, whatever your soul needs.

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