Song of the Moment: "Old School Love" - Lupe Fiasco (ft. Ed Sheeran)

Lupe Fiasco and Ed Sheeran seem to be an unlikely pairing. Being a fan of both, I was ecstatic to see that they had collaborated, even if I was skeptical as to how the song would sound. They both come from very different genres of music. However, the pair strangely work.

“Old School Love” comes off Lupe Fiasco’s new album Tetsuo & Youth. Sheeran provides the voice behind the chorus while Fiasco raps. This combination of voices gives a very R&B/pop-like feel to the song. There’s a sort of nostalgic feeling around this song as the lyrics speak of love and yearning for the past.

These days Ed Sheeran looks to be the go-to guy for collaborations. From One Direction to Taylor Swift to Passenger, he’s everywhere. And I’m definitely not complaining one bit at all. Check out “Old School Love” below.


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