Best Album For Getting Work Done: The Sounds of The Sounds of Science

It’s not uncommon for me to do work while listening to music, but finding the right type of music seems to be the biggest struggle. Showtunes are a no-go because it’s too hard not to sing along, and anything loud can get really distracting. Luckily I’ve found the perfect album to be at peace with both myself and my homework.

Yo La Tengo’s The Sounds of the Sounds of Science is a long but serene instrumental score written for live performances to accompany eight select documentaries by French filmmaker Jean Painlevé at the San Francisco Film Festival in 2001. Though some might argue the score’s tracks all sound the same, its melodic yet experimental tone are soft enough for me to get work done and to enjoy it. For once, I might not actually mind sitting down and zoning in, especially if I get to feel like I’m underwater while doing so.

Do any of you have a favorite album for your personal study sessions? Let us know!


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  1. I love listening to music by Explosions in the Sky while I am trying to focus.


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