Cold War Kids: Playing for an Audience of 1,000

There is nothing like grooving, let alone having the whole room to do so, at a rock concert while the strums of the guitars and the beats of the drums reverberate through your bones. I experienced this tenfold while watching the Cold War Kids jam out at the House of Blues on October 18th.

Papa, a budding indie rock band from Los Angeles, warmed up the crowd with songs fresh from their new album, Tender Madness, along with others from their various EPs. Lead singer and drummer Darren Weiss connected with the audience by high-fiving us all in the front row and standing barefoot on top of his drum set to get the crowd clapping in unison.

As long-time members of the indie rock genre, Cold War Kids did not disappoint with their perfect organized chaos. The drum set was located in the back of the stage, silhouetted by a huge skeleton graphic from the band’s second album cover, Loyalty to Loyalty. This gave the rest of the band members room to move freely and jovially shove each other while they played songs from all their albums, including their most recent, Dear Miss Lonelyhearts. Songs like “Hang Me Up to Dry” and “Miracle Mile” had everyone in the House of Blues enjoying every word. The deep crooning sound of lead singer Nathan Willett’s voice is still pleasantly stuck in my head.


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  1. One of the best bands I’ve seen live. Sadly, they aren’t come to my city this year.


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