Artists to Watch: London Grammar

The musical love child of The xx, Florence + the Machine and Lana del Rey is incarnated in the spare, soulful, powerhouse sound of Brit trio London Grammar.

The budding indie-pop band recently released their debut album, If You Wait, after spending a few years gaining industry traction. Already, they’ve developed major street cred by collaborating with budding electronic powerhouse Disclosure to create the masterpiece below, “Help Me Lose My Mind.”

But they are just as brilliant when taken alone — a fact especially evident in their meticulous  album, which carries several stunning songs, most notably “Strong,” “Hey Now,” and “Wasting My Young Years.”

London Grammar (a.k.a. Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman and Dot Major) could easily have fallen into an abyss of cyber obscurity or mainstream popularity with artists that fall just as quickly as they rise. Luckily, the trio has managed to strike a perfect chord that resonates within all fandoms as being lushly modern-sounding but also honest in a yearning, folksy kind of way.


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