Song of the Moment: “Crazy Bird” – Wild Child

This song has all the quirky indie things you could possibly want. It starts out with a little boy talking about the sun and then immediately goes into a very catchy whistling opening. Not quirky enough yet? Okay, the lead vocals are split between Alexander Beggins and Kelsey Wilson, who work together to create beautiful and seemingly stripped down harmonies.

Musically, much of the song sounds like it’s just a simple drum beat and a bass line, but then you realize there’s also a cello playing softly in the background and a banjo jumps in every now and then. For good measure, there’s a short trumpet solo near the end, too.

It doesn’t get any quirkier than that.

Wild Child is an indie-folk band from Austin, Texas and they just released their second album The Runaround in early October. They are coming to Boston (at the Great Scott) on December 15th. I have a final the next day, but I’m tempted to go anyway because I think they would totally be worth it. Check out “Crazy Bird” below and then listen through the rest of their sophomore album!


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