Concert Preview: The Mowgli's on 11/15

Pure feel-good music. That’s the only way I can describe The Mowgli’s. They have an expected light and happy SoCal sound. Their song “Hi, Hey There, Hello” is the kind of song that makes it impossible to frown and can even make the gray, rainy weather as of late seem a little sunnier than it really is.

The Mowgli’s are also a feel-good kind of band in general. They are calling this run of shows their Random Acts of Kindness Tour and, if that’s not enough, they are also collecting items for food banks at all their shows. They are asking their fans to bring in a few non-perishable items to donate. If the thought of that alone doesn’t make you like this band, then I don’t think I can help you.

With eight (yes, eight!) members, I have high expectations for their show at the Paradise on the 15th. I can imagine it will be high energy and the perfect way to unwind after my last midterm. Royal Teeth and X Ambassadors are opening for them. I never look up openers before seeing them because I enjoy a little surprise but I do know one Royal Teeth song, “We Can Glow,” which I thoroughly enjoy.

Check out The Mowgli’s debut album Sound the Drum below. My favorites are “Hi, Hey There, Hello” and “The Great Divide.” And if you want to join me at the Dise on the 15th, you can buy tickets here. 

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