Jessica Dobson has to be one of the coolest female musicians. There, I said it. Signed to Atlantic Records at just 19, she has since recorded two solo albums. If you don’t yet feel incredibly lame and unaccomplished, she has also been an official member of The Shins and has played with SpoonBeck, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Her most recent expedition, Deep Sea Diver, is the love child between Dobson and her husband, Peter Mansen, with whom she met while he was working as a barista in Seattle, and other friends.

back to back

Deep Sea Diver‘s debut album, History Speaks, offers a fun, toe-tapping sound infused with profound lyrics. Dobson’s voice flows strongly with the powerful mixing of guitar and drums. The strong beat of “Weekend Wars” gets the album going, while “Tracks of the Green Line” brings the tempo down and really showcases Dobson’s voice.

What other powerful female artists are you all a fan of? Comment below!


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