Vic Mensa's INNANETAPE shows off rapping versatility

Vic Mensa may only be 19, but this guy has years of experience under his belt. After releasing two albums with the now-disbanded indie fusion group Kids These Days, the Chicago rapper decided to carve his own path and released a 14-track mixtape this past September showcasing his true versatility as a rapper.

INNANETAPE opens with six up-tempo and feel good songs, like the mixtape’s first released track “Orange Soda” and even a predictably bizarre but catchy song with fellow Chicagoan Chance The Rapper, “Tweakin.” It’s easy to ignore lyrical content when the primary objective of a song is to create pure blissfulness. Don’t. Vic Mensa is cranking out heavy wordplay on every track of the tape.

The second half of the tape features his deepest songs by far. “Holy Holy” featuring Ab-Soul and BJ the Chicago Kid is a very introspective song dealing with the deaths of their respective friends: a complete 180º from a song like “Lovely Day.”

Although Kids These Days broke up, Mensa doesn’t forget his rock & roll roots with the song “RUN!” featuring Thundercat. There’s no evidence of a hip-hop beat throughout the song, which comes as a pleasant surprise near the end of the tape.

Vic Mensa’s no geek off the street. He was most recently on J. Cole’s What Dreams May Come Tour, but most importantly he’s getting his name and his creative music out there for people to appreciate. He’s come a long way, and he’s still only 19 years old.

Check out Vic Mensa’s mixtape by clicking here.


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