Yellow Ostrich is back in Beantown, yo

Yellow Ostrich finally returned to Boston after a noticed two-year absence and was happily met with a wicked crowd of people who came out to Paradise Rock Club the night of November 2nd to hear some rad tunes by these dudes opening for The Dismemberment Plan.

Lead singer and guitarist, Alex Schaaf, welcomed an incredibly enthusiastic mass by letting everyone know they were so happy to be back and had a bunch of new songs since they were last in town.  Throughout the night, an apparent pattern emerged of Schaaf’s humble and lovely keen thank yous in between songs, epitomizing the good ol’ Mid-West best. Accompanying Schaaf on drums and percussion was Michael Tapper and, on bass and synth, Jon Natchez.

In between songs, people shouted praise and were truly enjoying themselves early on the post-Halloween weekend after a grand Red Sox victory earlier in the week as well. Throughout the evening, the crowd was captivated by past favorites such as “Ghost”, “WHALE”, “Mary”, and “Marathon Runner.” The set-list also included “My Moons,” “You are the Stars,” and a few other stellar fresh sounds that are going to be released sometime next year.

Announcing that they had only a few songs left, the crowd answered by wanting more and more. One individual demanded they play nine more songs, and they jokingly responded, “Of course, we’ll just keep saying we have two more songs after every song for the next hour, since we’re the only band you’re all here to see.” And the crowd legitimately responded, “…kind of.”  I guess I wasn’t alone when I thought they were headlining for a little while, and after that killer set, it is kind of surprising that they weren’t! This just goes to show how much Yellow Ostrich has developed a powerful, tight, distinctive, and incredibly desirable sound. Keep an eye out because these cats will most likely be back headlining another tour in the near future!

Check out the music video for their latest single “Ghost” below.  How about those catchy rhythms and super on-point vocals!? What’s your favorite Yellow Ostrich tune – comment below!?



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