Born Ruffians upstaged by overly zealous opener, Twin Peaks

Born Ruffians made an impressive return to Boston last week. The concert was rescheduled from April due to the Boston Marathon Bombings. Although originally planned for the Great Scott, The Sinclair ended up being the perfect venue for this lively band.

The seasoned performers flawlessly delivered crowd favorites such as “I Need A Life” and “Hummingbird” from their previous album Red, Yellow & Blue.

“Needle,” from their most recent album Birthmarks, caused a rippling effect through the audience and got everyone jumping and singing along.

Despite the majority of their songs sounding rather similar, I was disappointed that they didn’t play “Red, Yellow & Blue” or “Little Garçon,” both of which have a distinctly different sound and are some of my personal favorites.

The real kicker, however, was when the guitarist from Twin Peaks literally dove into the crowd and completely took out the girl standing next to me. An interesting end to an entertaining night.


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About Olivia Baxter

Boston University sophomore studying Public Relations, Political Science, and cheese.




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