James Blake comes thru but Drake can't handle it

So Drake came thru (ha) with one of the biggest releases this year and people ate that shit up. Personally, I thought it was an improvement from Take Care, but it had the potential to be so much more. FOR EXAMPLE: He decided it was a good idea to release the lame-ass version of “Come Thru” instead of this awesome version courtesy of James Blake, who was rumored to be involved with the album but never showed up on the final production credits.

This ‘alternate’ version of Drake’s ode to insecurity goes back to the older garage sound that Blake became known for, and features a very tasteful beat change when the verse starts. Why Drake decided this was the lesser version is beyond me, but also proves why he will never be the next Andre 3000 or Kanye West. Anyway, check out the song by clicking below.

If you like the way Drake sounds over James Blake beats, check out James Drake, a mashup mixtape by DJ Bombe. Probably better than any Drake album, anyway.


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  1. […] James Blake comes thru but Drake can’t handle it […]


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