Song of the Moment: "Unconditionally"- Katy Perry

I know what you might be thinking – Katy Perry? Really? But before you scroll on by, I suggest you give her newest single, “Unconditionally,” a chance.

I’ve admittedly been a fan of Katy’s since her lesser-known Warped Tour 2008 days, but her power-pop vocals have earned her a spot as one of the most prominent, mainstream artists of our time. She released her newest album, Prism, at the end of October, featuring the ever-popular single, “Roar.”

The chorus of “Unconditionally” consists simply of that one, six-syllable word, and somehow it’s amazingly catchy and strangely inspiring. The song captivates you immediately with distant drums and, as the instrumentation build, Perry’s voice strengthens until she’s singing with such conviction that you physically can’t hold back from singing along loudly and probably off-key.

You can hear the genuine emotion in the song, which is one aspect that makes it so unique. The rawness of the romantic lyrics is what keeps the song from ending up corny, and will ensure that you have the song on repeat from the gym to class to home.


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