Artists to Watch: Meghan Tonjes
December 3, 2013

Artist to Watch: Meghan Tonjes

YouTube has always been a source that I count on for new music when I get bored of my iTunes library. About three years ago I discovered the lovely Meghan Tonjes, a Michigan native with the voice of an angel. She’s placed in the singer/songwriter category and currently has three EPs out. Besides just making her own music she also has weekly “Request Tuesdays” where she covers popular songs. The first video I ever watched was the cover of “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver posted below.

Since then, I’ve been pretty hooked. Tonjes sings mostly about love and heartbreak, but there are also dashes of girl power here and there. I  play “Maybe We’re Not Meant To Be” at least once a week and from time to time I rediscover “I Will Wait” and fall more in love with it.

Her latest song, “Affected,” has gotten me through writing numerous papers this semester and is a must for my finals playlist. Check more of Meghan Tonjes’s music out at and comment below with your thoughts!


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