If you're not listening to Charli XCX or Kitten, you're doing something wrong

If you’re not listening to Charli XCX or Chloe Chaidez of Kitten, you’re missing out on two of the most incredible chicks in the music industry.  These ladies not only have amazing musical sensibility, but they also possess a demanding and feisty stage presence, creating a really fun live entertainment environment.

Kitten recently opened for Charli XCX at The Sinclair in Cambridge, bringing fire and spirit to the dormant crowd, who had pleasantly bobbed their heads throughout the sweet but short set of LiZ (self-described as Sailor Moon R&B).  Kitten’s sound, however, is very 80’s glam, full of loud guitars and angsty synths, layered over Chloe’s husky croons.  “King of Kings” feels like the nostalgic little sister of “Heroes” by David Bowie, and could plausibly mesh brilliantly into any John Hughes soundtrack.  Donning grey hair, a long-sleeve velvet crop-top, and a vivacious strut, Chloe herself could be the really cool little sister of Bowie.

She’s known for having insane live sets, and she truly didn’t disappoint as she bounced across the stage, jumping into her grinning guitarist, wrapping the microphone every which way around her body, and swinging, yes SWINGING, from the speakers attached to the ceiling.  Though that last bit got her in trouble with the venue, she certainly made Kitten a name not easy to forget.

Charli XCX took the stage next, looking decidedly English with a cap and collared shirt – evoking the look of a modern female Oliver Twist.  Her music however, is slightly more hard-hitting, and tends to be in the vein of dark electronic pop, with the griminess of Sleigh Bells, the pop of Marina and the Diamonds, and the experimental side of Lady Gaga.  The crowd was jubilant, especially when danceable songs like “Nuclear Seasons,” “Stay Away,” and “I Love It” (produced with Icona Pop) were dropped.

There were darker, more emotive moments, too, like during “How Can I” where Charli repeatedly begs, “How can I fix // what I fucked up” which feels like a desperate 2 AM phone call.  However, she ended on a really fun note, playing disco-goth “You’re the One”, which deserves to be played at every prom EVER.

The show was definitely one of the best concerts I’ve been to (and I’ve been to plenty).  There was something really special about seeing these two young women headline music that draws upon older sounds, but is also made fresh and unique.


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