The Mowgli's bring good vibes to Paradise

The Mowgli’s came to town recently for their “Random Acts of Kindness” tour and there was no shortage of fun or happiness during their show. You’d think that an 8-piece band would be crowded and cramped on that small stage at the Paradise Rock Club, but they never stopped moving and dancing.

They were sure to play all their hits, including “Hi, Hey There, Hello” and “The Great Divide.” They closed their set with “San Francisco” and only played one song, “Time,” as an encore. The crowd was as great as the band and The Mowgli’s noticed, telling us that we were the best crowd they’d seen on tour so far. Whether or not that was true didn’t matter to the audience because we kept dancing anyway.

photo 1

They didn’t just let us know how great we are but also made sure that we felt all their good vibes. From making sure that we knew all of us could achieve our dreams to having us take a deep breath then exhale all our bullshit, the band never stopped keep us engaged.

The openers of the night were equally as fun. X Ambassadors and Royal Teeth both have a great energy on stage. Even if you don’t like their music, you feel like dancing just to keep up with the band. My favorite songs were “Unconsoloable” by X Ambassadors and “Glow” by Royal Teeth. Both sounded great live and were the perfect openers for the show.

If you haven’t listened to The Mowgli’s, you should consider saving their album Waiting for the Dawn for a gloomy day because they’ll definitely cheer you up. Or you can listen to it below. It’s your call but you won’t be disappointed either way.


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