Vundabar interview and show TOMORROW!

What are those local garage surf rock sounds tantalizing my ears? Oh, that’s just Vundabar, some cool chill dudes from ol’ Scituate, MA. These rising Vundaboys have a lot of interesting things in their future, including an upcoming show TOMORROW December 4th at T.T the Bear’s at 9 P.M. and yo, that’s not going to be one to miss, folks.

With movin’ and grunge groovin’ to sick drums and rhythms by Drew McDonald, soul-food booming bass by Zack Abramo, and punky electric guitar riffs and vocals by Brandon Hagen, how could you resist? Despite the fact that they all attend different colleges in the Boston area, they are all devoted to Vundabar, playing numerous shows and constantly working on rad new sounds. You should definitely keep an eye on their antics, and head over to their Bandcamp page to download a real copy of Antics, their newest release, for free!

Brandon— the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist, gave us some words about the band and what to expect in the future.

Can you tell me a little bit about how Vundabar began with you and Drew? 

BH: Drew and I were in another band that broke up. We start recording, playing, messing around, and then decide to do it a bit more seriously. We started playing a lot of shows and then released Antics. It’s been a learning process, because we do most everything ourselves, but I think we’ve figured it out alright now

Does it ever get stressful trying to balance school, work/other things, and Vundabar too? 

BH: Oh yuuuuuh, but we’ve made it work. We’re at least all living close to each other this year, and school’s a good place to get people excited about music and whatnot.

When did your interest in music start? 

BH: My sister had a guitar at the house that I picked up and started to play a bit once she decided she didn’t want to be Avril Lavine anymore. But I really wanted to start playing in a band around middle school. It seemed like a sensible thing for a scrawny white boy to do.

Did you have support at home and with your friends? Does it help playing shows in the Boston area?

BH: I’ve got a really supportive circle of friends in my hometown, but there’s definitely a heightened interest for music in Boston, and not to mention a lot of really good bands right now. We’ve been listening to Krill’s Lucky Leaves a whole bunch.

How’s it like touring around the Northeastern region of the States? Where is the farthest you’ve gone on tour? And, if you could go anywhere and play a show, where would you go?

BH: It’s always great, playing new places is fun, and it’s nice to have friends all over. The furthest we’ve gone is DC, but we’re going to be doing a tour to California and back this summer. And I really couldn’t say where we’d play if we had to choose one spot, however we’d would love to get to Carmel, California and enjoy the sweet sweet meats the town is renowned for.

What is your favourite bill you’ve been on, or what’s been your favorite or most memorable show/experience performing?

BH: I really couldn’t pin one down (real bad with favorites) but touring as a whole is just so memorable. It’s exciting to be on the move all the time, and it feels nostalgic while it’s happening. All in all, it’s a very chill, sexy, and cool time.

If you guys could cover any song right now, what would it be?

BH: “The Boss” by Rick Ross.

What would you have people keep an eye out? New songs, albums, news, shows, merch, anything?

BH: New video for “Greenland” soon (chill). Winter tour from Dec 27th to January 6th (chill {pun} double chill because of pun) and new sexy sexy shirts available for purchase right here.

Describe your sound however you like.

BH: Sludgy, jangly, catchy, & sarcastic.

What’s your favourite tea or drink?

BH: Whey protein.

Spirit animal or instrument?

BH: Violin from the 1600’s when they used animal gut for strings. Spirit animal and instrument.

Check out some chill video of 2 of their chill songs below:

And definitely go to T.T’s TOMORROW for a wicked cool show!


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