When you think of Norwegian music, you instantly think of a Motown-inspired soulful sound, right? If so, then you’ve probably heard of Bernhoft. I’ve been an avid fan of his since I found him while browsing on Spotify, and I finally got to see him perform live at The Sinclair on 11/26.

Opening for Bernhoft was the indie rock/string quartet Miracles of Modern Science (MOMS). These guys brought their unorthodox style to the stage and blew the crowd away. Their enthusiasm alone could have garnered a generous applause. And, even though I came to see Bernhoft, MOMS left me wanting more after their blissful-yet-bizarre hour-long set.

Once MOMS headed backstage following their huge ovation, the stage crew cleared up the remaining instruments and brought out Bernhoft’s equipment: a keyboard, several guitars, a beat pad and, most importantly, his looping pedals. You might expect there to be several members of a band joining him, but Bernhoft is a one-man band and concocts his sounds piece by piece, solo.

Bernhoft 2

A little after 10 o’clock, Bernhoft strolls on stage and, after a little chit chat with the crowd, he starts off with some of his most popular songs, like “Streetlights” and “C’mon Talk.” With the latter song, he reclined in his seat and listened as the audience belted out almost every lyric with precision. He also performed several new tracks, such as “Wind You Up,” that got everyone moving and grooving to the beat.

It’s one thing to listen to an audio recording of Bernhoft, but to see him live is an astonishing experience. The way he intricately crafts his songs is seriously something special. Unfortunately, Bernhoft had some technical difficulties with his looping pedal during his encore performance. That didn’t stop him from singing one last song for the crowd. He asked everyone to clap their hands as he sang another tune to our melody and ,even after Bernhoft finished, the clapping never stopped.


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