Pharrell’s song “Happy” is the happiest video of all time, and if you don’t feel that way the first couple of hours than just keep watching. The music video is 24-hours long.

Yes, 24-hours long.

It’s an interactive music video that loops the four minute song over and over for 24 hours. It can be watched via the YouTube video above, but it’s ideal to watch it over at where you can choose the time of day. Each time the song plays there’s a continuous shot of an everyday person walking and dancing through the streets of LA. Once the song is over, we move onto another person with a whole new set of dance moves.

Among the everyday people, we see appearances from Magic Johnson (at 5:39 am), Steve Carell (at 5:08 pm), Jamie Foxx (at 5:29 pm), Tyler the Creator (1:49 pm) and Jimmy Kimmel (at 11:48 am).

And don’t worry, Pharrell comes on at the top of every hour.

While watching the video you have the option of skipping to another person or skipping to the next Pharrell part. The coolest part of the video is probably the fact that the song picks up from whichever point you were listening, even when you skip.

Other notable interactive music videos would have to be “Black Skinhead” by Kanye West, and “Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan, whose interactive video just came out a couple of days ago. (If you get tired of watching Pharrell’s “Happy” video, check out Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” video here, it’s great.)

But Pharrell’s newest video sets the bar high for other artists. The song loops greats and you would think you’d get tired of watching but it’s so addicting that boredom is never an option. Plus, just imagine all of the time spent towards shooting and editing the video.

Nowadays, people don’t want to simply go to concerts or watch music videos – they want to be part of an experience.

Look at Kanye West’s Yeezus tour for example. Along with the music played, he makes it snow, has an appearance from someone dressed up as Jesus and, if you’re lucky enough, you might just get a Kanye “rant”. When’s the last time you went to a concert as awesome as that?


I love the emphasis artists are putting on the audience. Hopefully more artists start to pick up on this trend quickly, which I think will happen. If there’s anyone who’ll spread a trend fast, it’ll be the world’s coolest 40-year-old, Pharrell.


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