Twenty One Pilots tear it up at Paradise

When everyone said that the Twenty One Pilots show was sold out, I definitely underestimated the number of people that would eventually crowd into the Paradise Rock Club this past Tuesday, December 2nd. The sardine analogy would be an understatement.

Doors opened at 7:02 sharp and the opening bands took the stage soon after. Sirah, the first opener, is a fiery rapper who packs a real punch in her style and musical presence. It was my first time seeing Smallpools and I was pleasantly surprised, with their style reminding me a lot of Passion Pit.  My favorite song was “Dreaming”, though I enjoyed their entire set.

Sometime around 9:30 the lights went out and Twenty One Pilots appeared in full form: face masks coupled with their iconic zip-up skeleton hoodies, which they would later strip for bare chests. They started the concert with a snippet of “Trees”, which they would later go on to play during the show and also the encore.


Photo by Kyra Louie

As the show continued, Josh Dun crowd surfed with his drum kit, which I didn’t even think was possible, and Tyler Joseph jumped numerous times off of his piano. Besides these amazing stunts, Tyler stood with just the audience holding him up. For one last stunt, they each took a drum on top of a board, held up by the crowd, and did a huge drum stunt with water. I can’t even.

The entire set was just pure ecstasy, but my favorites were definitely “Ode To Sleep”, “Holding On To You”, and “Semi-Automatic”. They played all the songs off their newest album, Vessel, and added in two covers and three of their older songs. However, one of the covers truly stood out to me. It was a transition from “House of Gold” into Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl”.

I love Twenty One Pilots. I never thought I could love them more, but then I saw them live. I recommend seeing them live as much as I recommend eating every day and making sure to breathe air. I have only listened to their music since the concert ended.

My absolute favorite part of the concert, other than Tyler’s adorably awkward gesticulation and dance moves, was the following of Twenty One Pilots. Throughout the entire concert, everyone was dancing and singing their heart out. It didn’t seem like individual people in the crowd but one entity of broken people who believed in these two men standing before them. For one night, Paradise Rock Club became our sanctuary. “You’re safe here,” Tyler told us. “I love you.”


Photo by Kyra Louie


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