King Krule show promises artist longevity

King Krule graced the stage of the Brighton Music Hall last Thursday night in support of his debut album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon. I arrived just in time for the headlining set, somewhat surprised to see that the show had sold out. When an artist blows up as fast as King Krule, you can’t really know what to expect from a live show. There’s always a chance that they get popular too fast and never really learn how to play a solid set.

With that being said, King Krule certainly showed us he is here to stay. He played several cuts from his latest album, as well as a few ‘throwback’ tracks from his self-titled EP, all the while displaying great vocal control and musicality. However, it was his backing band that was the most engaging, showing off their obvious jazz influences by improvising through the songs that the audience was already intimately familiar with. They also managed to pull off a few of Krule’s more electronic cuts without relying on drum machines or pre-recorded tracks, which is certainly not easy.

The band ended with an encore of “Portrait in Black and Blue” and the night was over. I left surprised and mildly euphoric, knowing that there is still hope for live music in an age where the concept of a four-piece band just playing music is somewhat outdated. It seems that if he maintains this level of quality in his music and performances, King Krule will be around for quite a while.


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