Artist to Watch: Smallpools

I saw Smallpools open for Twenty One Pilots this week and w-o-w are they good.

The New Jersey natives kinda remind me of a mix between Passion Pit and The Mowgli’s because lead singer Sean Scanlon has Michael Angelakos’s high-pitch vocals but it has the sunny, happy beat that The Mowgli’s are known for.

Currently, they only have a four-song EP out and each song is bursting with summer sounds, for sure. My favorite song is “Over and Over” and you will assuredly be listening to it over and over again (I know, that was cheesy, and I’m sorry). “Mason Jar” was also a lot of fun to watch live because it’s great to sing along with, even if it’s only your first time hearing it.

Luckily they mentioned at the show that they will be recording an album soon, so you’ll have to settle for these four songs only for a little while. Listen to the EP below, check out some other videos here, and let me know what you think below!


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