“Are you an angel,” one audience member asked in the dead silence after humble Irish singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow performed “Red Dust,” his (at the time) unreleased song. I remember two years ago seeing Dublin native, James Vincent McMorrow, play in Milwaukee, WI – the lights were dim and impeccable guitar, piano, and soulful falsetto mesmerized the audience to no end.

He played almost all of his songs off of his first full-length, Early in the Morning, and left the room full of people desperately wishing for more. It was something truly beautiful. “Red Dust” in particular, stuck in my mind, as he was playing drums and keys and singing simultaneously.  His unique and distinct acoustic sound resonated in my thoughts, and no doubt the minds of countless others for months to come.

Now that McMorrow is answering our hopes and dreams for more music, he is taking an incredible leap in a new direction – reinventing his folk sound with more drum/clapping hits, soulful vibes, and electronic/R&B-inspiration. Until his next release Post Tropical drops on January 14th of next year, he has left us with two (of three) incredibly thought-provoking visuals.

Just released today, the video for “Red Dust” is gripping, intriguing, and simply a piece of art. A troubled young woman seems both trapped and lost within the place she calls home. The juxtaposition of her strong emotions and confinement alongside McMorrow’s entrancing vocals and building background soundscapes leads her to seek new beginnings and address internal conflicts.

Aoife McArdle, an Irish film-maker, is the mastermind behind the trilogy of spellbinding Post Tropical videos, and there is but one video left to finish the stimulating trio backing James Vincent McMorrow’s innovative new sound and direction. Until its presence graces the world, enjoy the places both “Cavalier” and “Red Dust” will take you, available for endless repeat below, the latter of which premiered on Rolling Stone’s website today and can be viewed by clicking the screengrab below.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 1.32.15 PM


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