Unreleased Drake video finds its way online

Drake’s songs are entertaining, his albums are well-thought-out, and his music is great. There’s no questioning any of that, but his music videos can always be better.

Last week, Mikael Columbu released the visuals intended for Drake’s song “We’ll Be Fine.” The song is from Drake’s Take Care album, which was released back in 2011.

Columbu is known for his work with The Weeknd on “The Knowing.” His two-dimensional images create for a different type of visuals that you’ll probably either love or hate.

After the video was finished, Drake decided not to release it, but Columbu ended up releasing the video on his own about two years later. In order to protect himself from copyright laws, Columbu replaced the actual song with classical music.

Among the different types of images in the “We’ll Be Fine” video, we see Drake on-stage shooting bright lasers out of his eyes, and two-dimensional LOVE and HONOR chains being dipped in two-dimensional blood. The images, along with the classical music Columbu threw in, result in a pretty scary music video. It’s something Illuminati fanatics will definitely find some way to feast on.

I can understand why Columbu would want to release his own work, but I think Drake did the right thing in trying to lock up the video. In order for it to have been successful, Drake would’ve had to have a stronger music video resume. This video is just too different to be thrown into his already questionable collection.

It was probably created way before some of his major music videos, but even so, let’s now take a look at Drake’s music videos.

We got a weak video for his first big song (“Best I Ever Had”), Drake with a ski mask on that has tears on them in “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” and then a ruined “Worst Behavior” video with what seemed like a half-hour sketch.

Imagine all of that, and then thrown in this “We’ll Be Fine” video. In a way, Drake not releasing this music video allowed him to make these questionable music videos like “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and “Worst Behavior.”

Would you have released this music video if you were Drake?


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Davi de Azevedo is a senior at Boston University, aspiring to inspire. Raised in Marlborough, MA, Davi enjoys everything music related. He is currently pursuing a degree in both Advertising and Economics.




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