We The Kings releases new, fan-funded album

You may remember We The Kings bursting into the alternative music scene in 2007 with “Skyway Avenueand rising to fame with the platinum single “Check Yes Juliet. While the band has remained successful for years, the five-piece has approached their fourth full-length album in a less traditional way.

The band released a video statement announcing their plans to create LP number four, Somewhere Somehow, through fan-funded website Indiegogo, seeking to raise approximately $35,000 for recording and marketing. We The Kings offered everything from signed CDs to an opening spot on tour and the opportunity to actually sing on the album. These crazy, innovative ideas proved successful, as the band ended up acquiring almost $150,000 dollars- about four times the goal.

We The Kings’ Indiegogo page states the band wants to work with the fans rather than with a label to allow themselves more creative freedom, which seems to be working for them so far if the numbers are any indication. The first single, “Art of War,” sounds more like the band’s debut self-titled CD than do their more recent releases. Regardless, I shamelessly love them all.

The slower-paced “Art of War” has the relatable lyrics and catchy melodies the band has become known for, and I look forward to saying that the rest of the CD has more of the same thanks to the contributions from fans.


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