Time to face the cold, hard and chilling facts: you’re back from holiday break and starting a new semester. But hey, don’t cry! You’re going to be ok, you can do it with the help of some great, jangly, rockin’, and surfacious Baltimore tunes courtesy of SUN CLUB.  Sun Club is Shane Justice McCord, Adam Schoen, Devin McCord, Kory Johnson, and Mikey Powers and with such bouncy, groovy tunes, you can bet they will bring you the sunshine you so desperately need to you get through these next few months, or at least until summer is on the horizon. January 21st marks the date that their new EP, Dad Claps at the Mom Prom, will be released, so put that on the list of things to check out. And while you’re at it, you and your friends will benefit from going to T.T. the Bear’s Place on Friday, January 24 at 9PM (doors at 8:30PM) to check out their live set. Not only does the holiday spirit keep giving with Sun Club’s new EP, but the show at T.T.s features Bent Shapes, a great post-punk, garage rock trio from Boston, and Tan Vampires, some rad, indie rockers from ol’ New Hampshire.

Shane— Sun Club‘s very own guitar/glockenspeil/yeller/keys, gave us some words about the band, their EP, the show, and much much more. Below is the written interview we had with him!

Hey Sun Club, who are you guys and what do you do in the band?

SJM: “Well, I am a wee lad named Shane Justice “The F***” McCord. I think about a lot of stuff and play the guitar/glockenspeil/yell sometimes/play keyboard too. I am sitting next to a hawt young lad named Adam Schoen. He wears a lot of glasses and plays the bass “guitar,” and he is the one we usually like to put on the spot because he says funny things…okay? Next to him is my small big brother named Devin McCord. He has a pretty cool beard/plays drums. He also works out and is pretty strong. Kory is asleep in front of me. He works a lot when we’re home and is always asleep. He plays the keyboard/slideguitar/lots of vocals/lots of drums. He’s a strapping young fellow who can sweep any lady off her feet with his astonishing good looks. There’s also a boy named Mikey who’s on his way to my house rite now who plays guitar and does a lot of vocals too. His hair is long and he is good at drinking a lot of coffee, which is cool when he drives, cuz he will stay up and I can sleep soundly. As for outside the band, we are college dropouts #yolo”

Yo sir, please tell us how Sun Club started and all? (i.e. where are you all from, how did you meet, how did the tunes roll out?)

SJM: “We were, out of a total coincidence, born on the same day in the same hospital in Annapolis, MD, besides Kory who was born 10 years earlier. He is in a way our spiritual guide. We are from Baltimore, Merryland. We have known each other since birth (obviously), but did not make the band SUN CLUB until probably 2012-ish (maybe spring time in 2012 – idk). Adam joined bass in August and maybe that is when it all started I guess. The universe seems pretty down with us, rite now at least…”

How would you describe your sound?

SJM: “Dirty sunshine circus pop.

The dude who recorded our EP told us we sounded like, “The Beach Boys on crack,” which was probably the best thing to hear because Beach Boys are my favorite band.

Recently someone told us we sound like the Muppets, which was also a cool thing to hear… haha.”

What are your favorite things to drink this chilly season?

SJM: “Holy s***, ok recently my friend Nathan from the band Heyrocco briefly showed me Aloe Vera juice… it rocks! AH! I just keep drinking it every time I have the chance. Actually drinking some right now, trying the good ole’ Pomegranate/Cranberry flavor. Yum. HOLY S*** GOD HAVE YOU TRIED THIS STUFF????????? I’d recommend just dippin your toes in first with the standard original aloe vera flavor. Great. Pick it up at the Whole Foods, or Trader Joes, or the recent discovery of Giant! Doesn’t come refrigerated, it’s still good room temp though. Haven’t given myself enough time to refrigerate it yet right now, but if you have the patience I recommend refrigerating it. It’s probably good, please let me know and maybe I’ll take my time and wait to drink it until it’s cold.”

What is one reason people should be majorly psyched about your new EP coming out January 21st

SJM: “Let’s just put it this way, after our long-term best friend, Omari West (you guys might know him as Kanye, or ‘Yeezus’) said it was the best thing he’s ever heard, “greater than anything I have ever released myself”. Pretty humbling to hear that after his new album got #2 on this year’s best albums on Rolling Stone.

Also it’s called “Dad Claps at the Mom Prom” which is an undeniably amazing name which our friend Chad (the grandson of Orville Redenbacher) from Indiana came up with.”

What is your favorite memory together as a united crew of solar aficionados?

SJM: “A few good ones… One time our bffz What Up? English took us to their lake house in TN one night when we had a show cancelled in NC. We got there super dooper late but they stayed up to greet us warmly. The next day we jumped off probably the tallest rocks ever into the lake and went on a boat, jumped off a probably 30-50 foot rope swing and it was the scariest/best moment ever, and then we played like an awesome show that night w/ them in Nashville. Good time! Another really good time was last time we were in Boston it was my birthday and there was like 60 or 70 people in a basement for our show. And our other bffsz Dungeon Kids were with us and played a show w/ us it was lovely. And the best birthday!”

Where is the farthest you’ve been on tour?

SJM: “We’ve been to Austin Texas last year for SXSW, so that’s the farthest West, unless Kansas City is further west, I don’t know, but that’s the west/south-est we’ve ever been. Maine (either Bangor or Portland) is the furthest east we’ve been, and Toronto is the furthest north I think, unless Bangor is further haha idk… Savannah is the farthest south-east.”

What are you most looking forward to for 2014?

SJM: “Uhhh everythang girl. We are releasing the good ole EP this month and doing a shweet tour that’ll kickoff with Los Campesinos! in DC, then playin Boston, NY, Philly, Wilmington NC, Columbia SC, Atlanta, Nashville, and Blacksburg. It’s gonna rule! But yeah then march we’ll be goin’ back to SXSW and talking about going to West Coast afterwards and doing just a huge tour back, going everywhere in the country. We have lots of music videos coming out. Lots of singles that we’re gonna demo and put online… and idk I want to go to Europe, we’ve been talking about that for a bit. So that would be probably the most amazing thing ever… and we’re super super psyched about just touring all the time and stuff. We may be moving to another city because we’ve all had enough of Maryland, it’s lovely and all but it’d be awesome to live in another part of the country.”

What are your spirit animals or instruments?

SJM: “We’re all aye-aye’s, and Kory is a Korean-dog-monkey”

Why should people come to T.T. the Bear’s on January 24th?!

SJM: “It’ll be super dooper sweaty and just lovely time. Nice warm room, filled with nice warm people, doin nice warm things, get in from the cold and share some oxygen with us! Plus I heard this super cool person from BU will be there, it could be a rumor but her name is Athylia and I hear she does crazy stuff, like just crazy stuff idk, but maybe catch a glimpse of her face at this nice show on such a nice Friday night in Boston, Massachusetts … YAYAYAYAYA!”

Check out Sun Club‘s sound and get ready for their new EP 1.21.14 and their wicked show featuring Bent Shapes and Tan Vampires at T.T. the Bear’s Place 1.24.14 at 9PM! Let’s all start the semester off right with some great tunes and great fun!

Sun Club’s latest music video for “Beauty Meat” is available for your eyes and ears to feast on below:

And also check out Bent Shapes and Tan Vampires, because they are sure to dazzle you as well:


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