I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Chloe Chaidez, nineteen-year-old lead singer of the band Kitten.  While her youth is often what stuns people, Chloe’s raw sound transcends age and speaks for itself.  TIME Magazine named Kitten’s album Like A Stranger one of eleven albums to look forward to in 2013 HERE.  When Kitten toured in Cambridge with Charli XCX in late 2013, I wrote up a full-length review of the show HERE.  Below is an interview with Chloe, a young woman who carries the unpretentious, warm poise of someone who genuinely appreciates that her music is widely adored – “an honor” she calls it.


Kitten’s sound clearly takes inspiration from the 80’s synth-heavy, rocker-chick, glam music scene, to which it has been extraordinarily well received.  Why do you think people are so drawn to your work, amongst dominant popular genres like bubblegum pop and EDM? 

Unfortunately, I feel the majority of people are probably more drawn to the genres you listed at the end. That said, if anyone does happen to be “more drawn” to my music than something like EDM, I assume it’s because both myself and that person perhaps come from a similar background musically and probably listen to the same records. Ultimately, though, I think that our fans are drawn to the songs and the live performance more than to any particular genre that we might represent.

There is a striking, visceral quality to your lyrics, creating songs that sometimes feel more like emotional, spoken word poetry.  What influences your writing process, both in terms of theme and structure?

I wish I had a more thought out formula that I could explain to you, but honestly each song is its own beast. A lot of times if I’m writing/working on beats on ableton, I’ll just sort of sing and speak out of whatever the track is evoking from me at that time and figure out its meaning later. Other times, when working with my partner, Chad, we’ll just sit down and write on an acoustic guitar and really analyze the lyrics. So it really just depends on what the song is asking for.

If you could write the soundtrack to any movie, what movie would it be and why?  (When I listen to songs like King of Kings, I’m totally picturing something a la Breakfast Club, but I’m curious as to what you think would have been awesome to be involved in!)

Oooh, that’s a great question! The thing is, the soundtracks to a lot of my favorite 80’s movies are already flawless, so I wouldn’t want to ruin that with my lame attempts.

As you’ve toured with some huge artists, most recently Paramore, and currently Charli XCX, you’re on the road quite a bit.  What place positively surprised you the most?  (This can really be applied to anything, the culture, the fan base, etc.)

Hmm, this tour Orlando, Florida really surprised me with its crowd. They were so enthusiastic, and we actually had quite a few of our fans singing along to the songs. That’s always nice. An honor.


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