Last week BU Hip Hop released its first mixtape – BUHH Vol. 1: The ILL Rhetoric.

It holds 16 songs, over 20 rappers, and several different flows.

You’ll be surprised as to how good this mixtape actually is. And I say that just because Hip Hop isn’t always at the forefront of Boston University’s culture.

To start off, the beats on the tape are impressive. People don’t always give producers the credit they deserve, and on top of that, keep in mind that these beats were created by your fellow BU students.

The beats sound like smooth, vintage Hip Hop beats, which really allow the rappers to showcase their lyrical skill.

The lyrical skill is definitely there too. In songs like “Sitting at the Kitchen Table“, “Comm Ave”, and “Trashday”, we get to hear these BU students find their inner MC.


The feeling that the mixtape provides can be represented in songs like “Esplanade Music” and “Moods”. The piano backgrounds on these two songs welcome the rapper to join in, and together they make for some pretty cool tracks. In all, the mixtape sets a chill, mellow vibe.

But then we get to the last 3 songs.

Starting off with the song “Napalm” and then following up with “1969”, the beats start to get a little colder and the flows start to get a little tougher.

BOuNCe” is the last song on the mixtape, and it’s completely different than the other songs. Believe me when I say that this song is a banger (and if you don’t, take a listen below).


It’s cool to see kids who are around you day-to-day make music, and by listening to the introduction, we get a sense of how they came together to create this project.

No one really knows what to expect when they come to college. But as you begin to meet kids who have similar interests, you form friendships and communities, and this mixtape is a representation of what it means to be a community.

Support the people around you, and check out the mixtape!


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About Azevedo

Davi de Azevedo is a senior at Boston University, aspiring to inspire. Raised in Marlborough, MA, Davi enjoys everything music related. He is currently pursuing a degree in both Advertising and Economics.




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