Grew up on Laker games, I f*ck with Rambis tough/ Did a show out in Boston they think Magic sucks” – “The 5 Year Theory (Real Shit Last)”

Well, even though Boston Celtics fans despise anything associated with the Los Angeles Lakers, Dom Kennedy’s recent performance at Middle East in Cambridge shows that when good music is involved, sports beef can be put on hold.

The self-proclaimed “Leimert Park Legend” (Leimert Park, Los Angeles) Dominic Hunn is a quintessential example of West Coast Hip-Hop. From his effortless flow, to his choice of 90s G-Funk influenced beats, Dom Kennedy has been a valiant proponent for the revival of a traditional West Coast sound that has slowly faded away since the rise of California’s “ratchet music” (e.g. YG, Tyga, Ty$).

On the third stop of his Get Home Safely Tour, Dom Kennedy entered the unhealthily hot Middle East Downstairs after the opening act Skeme got the congested crowd rowdy with his intense, gritty performance. Rocking a Wayne Gretzky Los Angeles Kings jersey, and a Los Angeles Dodgers fitted cap, Dom oozed LA through every pore. As he performed tracks from his critically acclaimed albums, Get Home Safely and Yellow Album, Dom’s passion and energy surged throughout the venue. His set list was a perfect mix of undeniably hype songs, “thick girl anthems,” and with a rare performance of the 2010 hit “1997,” the Middle East became a sauna of satisfied customers.

Most importantly, he sent the audience out with caution, advising us to Get Home Safely.


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