Early in ZZ Ward’s set at the Paradise Rock Club in October, she told the crowd that she dated a boy who was “trouble” and “wasted her time.”  While ZZ spoke like Taylor Swift, her music and live performance were entirely distinct from that of the country singer.

Ward has unique musical and personal style – often wearing her signature fedora and playing the harmonica during parts of her concert.

The best part of ZZ Ward’s live show is that her performance is uniquely different from her recordings.  While performing her infectious hit “Put the Gun Down” at her October 2013 show in Boston, Ward abandoned some of the technical elements from the recording and stuck with vocals and a drum.

Ward also engages the crowd in multiple sing-a-longs during her live show.  During “Gun” she has the entire crowd shout “put it down” at the appropriate point in the song.  The crowd was primarily composed of college students and people in their 20s.  However, there were also some folks in their 50s and 60s who knew most of the words to Wards’ songs.

Don’t miss ZZ Ward when she returns to Boston’s Paradise Rock Club on March 2.  You can purchase tickets on Ticketmaster and check out her music here: https://soundcloud.com/zzward.

Photo credit: Hannah Weintraub.


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