Conner Youngblood, a young multi-instrumentalist from Dallas, TX, strikes his listeners in a way that is seemingly indescribable. Bloggers love him, but somehow this indie experimentalist stays on the DL. With the release of his new EP, Make Me Faster…, his popularity will be on the rise this year.

His music is similar to that of Bon Iver, but with a darker undertone. He does a wonderful job blending genres, making his sound ethereally epic. Listening to his new EP is a thrilling experience. Get ready for goosebumps.

Again, the feeling can’t be described in technical detail; it is meant to be felt. All I can say is that “The Warpath” puts me in a black and white scene right out of 300 or any movie similar to that. The next tune, “Aqua Regia” (my favorite), gives the feeling of sinking slowly into a bed with crisp, cold sheets greeting your skin. “Vegas” is more of a drowsy, summertime tune for when you’re lying in a nice patch of sun. And “Amelia” is a strong closer, leaving the listener out floating on a body of water with their heartbeat as the only sound accompanying them. Youngblood is a very strong musician, and I hope to hear more from him in the future.


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