A few weeks ago, I saw Bastille at the Royale. It was a great show and I highly suggest you catch them the next time they’re in town. Their set wasn’t a surprise for me, unlike that of the opening band, Grizfolk. I knew nothing about this band when they stepped on stage, but by the time they stepped off, I decided I was going to know everything about them.

Now, there isn’t much to know or, at least, there isn’t much to find. Their website is pretty minimal, they only have one video on YouTube (which you can check out below), and their Facebook page doesn’t reveal much about their origins. It does, thankfully, list the band members and I plan to memorize those names in case I ever get the chance to meet them and say thanks for infusing “America’s country heritage” into a beat that I can dance to. That might actually happen because, during my research, I found out that they’ll be coming through Boston again at the beginning of March, this time opening for ZZ Ward.

As of right now, they only have one song out officially. Cue tears. Not only because it’s a bummer that there’s only one song but also because it’s a really great song. You can watch their tour video for “The Struggle” above or you can check out “Vagabonds” below. Their EP “From the Spark” drops on February 25th and you can pre-order that here. If you love yourself, check out this band, and if you agree with me (or not), leave your thoughts below!


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