Yuna is just one of those artists who sounds better live than recorded.  Don’t misunderstand me, her pre-recorded songs are amazing, but her stunning live performance grabs onto the soul of each individual song.  This Malaysian singer-songwriter stole the hearts of all in attendance at Brighton Music Hall this past Thursday night.  It was not uncommon to hear men and women alike affectionately yelling, “Yuna, I love you!”

She arrived on stage donning a signature, red headpiece that tucked away her hair, and in true Yuna style she was full of smiles and charming remarks throughout the whole show.  To start off the night, Yuna and her band played crowd favorites, including Falling, Mountains, and Lullabies.  During one particularly lovely piece, Favorite Thing, the entire audience was dancing and spewing out the heartfelt, happy lyrics in a moment of synchronous delight.  Yuna’s adorable band-mates left the stage for a quick while, and Yuna performed a few of her songs acoustically.  She nostalgically spoke about writing Deeper Conversations when she was only nineteen-years-old and proceeded to croon with youthful sweetness, “Is your favorite color blue? / Do you always tell the truth? / Do you believe in outer-space?”  One of the most beautiful songs of the night was Decorate, also the title of her first EP.  She introduced the song as “being about missing someone” and for the entire four-minute duration of the piece, nobody was moving around or making a sound.  Everyone was staring glassy-eyed at Yuna, who looked a bit tearful herself.  But how could you not think of your own missed loved one when Yuna’s angelic, raw, emotive voice heartbreakingly sings, “I decorate my house with things you love / Just in case you show up.”

Soon enough, the boys returned to their instruments on stage, and the band finished off the show with a bang, even garnering an encore from the reverent crowd.  Things got groovy again when Yuna played I Wanna Go and cheers arose when Yuna covered Frank Ocean’s Thinkin’ Bout You.

I don’t really know how to sum up this show, because all I can think about is how much of a delight it was.  There’s really no other way to put – Yuna is a charming, humble, delight, as is her beautiful music.  Until next time, Yuna.  Boston awaits your return with open arms.


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