The Bots are a unique musical duo that cannot be easily placed into a single, specific genre, which means their music appeals to anyone and everyone. It also means that you should pause what you’re listening to and check out a song from their most recent EP, Sincerely Sorry.

Others have described The Bots’ sound as similar to The Black Keys and The White Stripes, but don’t let those bland color descriptions deter you – the duo creates colorful music that transcends genre boundaries with high-energy beats you can’t help but love.

If that’s not incentive enough to give their songs a listen, how about a quirky, upbeat music video guaranteed to have you air drumming the whole way through? The Bots recently released a video for “5:17” on FADER label, and I’ve had the song on repeat ever since. Check it out below – you’ll be glad you did.


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