Some children are born with the desire to play music, while others are “strongly encouraged” by their parents; but, often times, there’s one moment that can transform that desire for music into a passion. For Wiley Webb, that moment came after attending his first rave in the ninth grade called Monster Massive. “Seeing electronic music manifested in the real world with a massive sound system, people dressed in so much color and happiness, in a dark rave-y environment showed me the power of what I previously considered uninteresting blips and bloops.”

These strange blips and bloops have now become a staple in Webb’s music. The Stanford University sophomore by day and budding EDM DJ by night, performed his first set at a house party his senior year of high school and hasn’t looked back since. Webb has performed at dozens of venues, released a slew of remixes and original productions on iTunes, and is currently whipping up his first album exclusively for “smart and sexy people.”

As a freshman majoring in Product Design, Webb found it extremely challenging to balance his rigorous curriculum with music production; so this year he’s decided to focus solely on schoolwork during the academic calender while leaving the music for vacations. A man of his word, Webb has been relatively quiet since the summertime, but, surprisingly, a little over a week ago he released a slowed-down remix to Rhye’s “Open,” adding an extra layer of sensuality to the already womanizing song.

Should we be expecting a full-time career in music after he graduates? Webb simply states, “I plan on pursuing the things I’m interested in and squeezing every bit of happiness out of every day along the way, so I have no concrete goals other than that.” With that mindset, who knows what the future has in store for Wiley Webb? Let’s just hope that more great music comes our way in the meantime.

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