You may recognize this artist from his single a few years back, “A Drop in the Ocean”, which has over 30 million hits on YouTube. But I assure you he’s more than just that single.

Ron Pope kicked off 2014 with his ninth studio album entitled Calling Off the Dogs. Once again, Pope enthralls his listeners with his lyrical genius and sheer musical talent. He’s a smooth operator.

Calling Off The Dogs is a soothing mix of alternative and slow rock tunes. Pope does a wonderful job of making this album versatile for his diverse fan base. His music is good for most moods and activities, except for maybe exercising.

My favorite song off of this LP is “Nothing”, which features Alexz Johnson, a Canadian singer-songwriter. If you’re looking for a slower, more emotionally driven song, I’d recommend “Signs”. Each song brings you up and down like you’re caught in a riptide.

This album is overall a blast to listen to. I like the route that Pope is taking, and Calling Off The Dogs is a step in the right direction. I hope he continues on his journey so we can have more of his amazing talent running through our ears.


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