Pop punk favorites We Are the In Crowd played a sold-out date of “The Reunion Tour” Wednesday, April 2nd at Brighton Music Hall in Allston. The small-sized venue surprisingly packs plenty of space for concertgoers to mosh, crowd surf or just hang around the edges, and this show saw a mix of all three.

Candy Hearts played first to a slightly unsettled crowd – perhaps it was the early show time, but there seemed to be more chatter than singing along. However, the band remained undeterred and entirely professional, carrying out the set catered to those singing along front and center. Singer Mariel’s vocals were smooth and fun, and even those who weren’t singing every lyric found the band enjoyable and couldn’t resist a little foot tapping.

Next up was State Champs, who seemed to get the crowd a little more pumped with their more rock-heavy tracks, which appeased the bros in the crowd. While the set seemed short, the band didn’t waste any time with back-to-back, guitar-infused songs that had several crowd surfers flinging themselves to and from the stage. The energy in the room was nearly palpable, which set the tone for the next band, Set it Off.

Set It Off kept the momentum going with an incredibly high-energy set that started strong and only ended stronger. While the red face masks they donned on stage appeared at first a vision from my nightmares, the set came together seamlessly while lead Cody Carson kept up a dramatic monologue between songs. Their set truly became story, woven together by Carson’s tale, and the crowd, myself included, fell in love with it. There was no shortage of mosh pits, crowd surfers, and super-fans belting every word with as much passion as the band played with, and the crowd and band continued to feed off one another for a seriously awesome set.

Label mate to Set It Off (and personal favorite), William Beckett, was up next. His beloved “band-in-a-box,” or laptop, along with two guitars were the singer’s only accompaniment, and that is absolutely all he needed. Beckett’s angelic vocals captured the crowd’s attention nearly as soon as he opened his mouth, and his charming personality, coupled with witty humor, kept the room engaged and clearly pleased. At the one somber point in the set, Beckett addressed a more personal topic upon the introduction of a song particularly close to him, and at this moment, the noisy room went silent as everyone was absolutely enraptured by his hauntingly beautiful voice and genuine lyrics. Such a level of disclosure is rare, as is Beckett’s ability to interact with the crowd, leaving everyone stoked for the headliner.

We Are the In Crowd’s set covered an array of songs from past EPs and full-lengths, and singer Tay Jardine’s spot-on vocals complete with her signature rasp and incredible range demanded even the people lingering in the back to listen respectfully. The band had enough time to slow it down and play a few acoustic songs, really showing off the talent they possess, and managed to make it back for a two-song encore by popular demand. The room was definitely sweatiest for this set, drawing people close to the stage with the sole desire of jumping and singing in unison as close to the music as possible.

Many people from the crowd awaited the artists outside in the cold for hours, after the venue had shut down, and some simply wanted to keep the hype going and hang out with everyone who attended the show. All the performers ventured out after their respective sets to meet their die-hard fans. Overall, “The Reunion Tour” was a talent-packed, high-energy show that I would love to relive again.


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