September 11, 2014

Twenty One Pilots: Boston Calling

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Piercing screams erupted from the mass of people crowding the JetBlue stage as Twenty One Pilots‘ banner was raised. Signs reading “Thank You |-/” and “We get it. Not everyone will.” lined the barricade. This was my second time at Boston Calling, and my third time seeing Twenty One Pilots live; however, it was my first time experiencing them in a festival setting.

Ohio natives Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun did what they consistently do every show: give it their all. With the knowledge that this band is not for everyone (which they understand), I will ask you to please bear with me.

Twenty One Pilots has a stage presence like none I’ve ever seen.  And, from my knowledge, were the only band to actually interact with their crowd physically at Boston Calling.  As Josh backflipped off the piano, Tyler could be seen articulating his lines with precision and poise.  And several times during their set (like always), they used the crowd as support and played on top of us, even getting a drum set to the middle of the masses so Josh could solo on “Semi-Automatic”.

They played songs from their most recent album, Vessel, such as “Guns For Hands”, “Car Radio” and “Migraine”, to name a few.  Twenty One Pilots also added a few covers, including “Drunken Love”, “All I Do is Win”, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “Summertime Sadness”.

From past posts (or this one), you will be able to deduce that I like this band…a lot. Okay, maybe a little more than a lot. But the concert did have its cons.  It was not the show, it was more the crowd that lessened the experience.  On several occasions as the crowd surged forward, we were thrown back by some unknown force by at least four feet.  Although crowds are a staple for music festivals, this crowd was more tightly packed than the crowd for Childish Gambino the night before.

Not to say that the crowd was a bad thing, but it would be nice not to be jumped on multiple times by our other concert goers. But I digress. Twenty One Pilots isn’t the bees knees for some people, and that’s okay. They just don’t get the music, and that’s understandable.  For those in that crowd sporting black band tees, snapbacks and wristbands, including myself, we knew Twenty One Pilots was the main reason we went to Boston Calling in the first place.

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Photo Credits to Kyra Louie


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