Event Info

Here is some general information about our reoccurring events. For specific event details, please check our twitter or Facebook — or email us.

*In addition to these events, most of our calendar is filled with student group sponsored events. If you would like to reserve BU Central for your student group, please fill out the Booking Request form found by clicking on the Forms tab on SAO’s YouDo page (you will need to log in to access it). We book for the fall semester during the summer and for the spring semester during the fall. Weekends fill up quick, so don’t hesitate! If you have any questions or concerns, please email Crystal Eusebio at eusebioc@bu.edu.

All of our shows are part of our LIVE concert series. We usually have 3-5 live acts per semester. In the past we have had rock bands, folk artists, DJs, hip hop groups, spoken word artists, and indie bands. Doors always open at 8:30pm, unless otherwise noted.

BU for Show
BU for Show is our official open mic night, where we open up the stage for students to perform any talents they want to share. We’ve had musical acts, stand up comedy, magic performances, spoken word poetry, a range of instruments — accordion, violin, electric fiddle, guitar, piano, and even a full band. Sign-ups begin at 8:30pm the night of the event and performances start at 9pm.

The Dating Game Show
For our annual Valentine’s Day event, we host a live version of the old television game show. Before the event, we ask for students to volunteer and we generally have three rounds. The dater asks questions to the anonymous contestants that are hidden from him or her. At the end of the round, the dater chooses a contestant that they might like to date. Both the dater and the winning contestant receive dating oriented gift cards with the hopes of true love being in the air, but don’t worry, no one is obligated to actually go on the date.

Battle of the Bands
This is an annual event that we hold during the spring semester. Bands from BU and surrounding colleges compete for the title. All of the bands perform during Round 1. Then the audience votes for the top 5 who move on to the Final Round, where the winner is chosen. Want to have your band entered to compete? Shoot us an email and let us know.

BU’s Funniest Student
We hold this comedy competition annually in the fall semester. Auditions are open to all students and are held one week before Round 1. The top 10 comedians perform in Round 1, where the audience votes to send the top 5 through to the Final Round. A panel of judges, which has included past winners and the Dean of Students, but changes every year, decides on the winner. A viewer’s choice is also selected by an audience vote.


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  1. […] and staff plan events based on their own ideas and suggestions from other students. The space hosts all kinds of programming, including the Adult Spelling Bee, Red Sox Nation, 60 Seconds to Fame, Drag Bingo, and the Dating […]


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